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Digital Filter/Softener Valves

WS1TC & WS1.25TC Programming Manual

Water Specialist
1” Control Valve Series Model: WS1TC
1.25” Control Valve Series Model: WS1.25TC

This glass filled Noryl1 (or equivalent) fully automatic control valve is designed as the primary control center to direct and regulate all cycles of a downflow regeneration water softener or filter.

The time clock control valve can be set to perform downflow regeneration or simply backwash. The time clock control valve has two calendar options for regeneration frequency:

1. an option where the user can choose the number of days (1-99) between each regeneration; and
2. a seven-day option where the user can choose which day(s) of the week a regeneration should occur.

The control valve is compatible with a variety of regenerants and resin cleaners. The control valve is capable of routing the fl ow of water in the necessary paths to regenerate or backwash water treatment systems. The injector regulates the fl ow of brine or other regenerants. The control valve regulates the fl ow rates for backwashing, rinsing, and the replenishing of treated water into a regenerant tank, when applicable.
The control valve uses no traditional fasteners (e.g. screws); instead clips, threaded caps and nuts and snap type latches are used. Caps and nuts only need to be firmly hand tightened because radial seals are used. Tools required to service the valve include one small blade screw driver, one large blade screw driver, pliers and a pair of hands. A plastic wrench is available which eliminates the need for screwdrivers and pliers. Disassembly for servicing takes much less time than com pa ra ble products currently on the market. Control valve in stal la tion is made easy because the distributor tube can be cut ½” above to ½” below the top of tank thread. The distributor tube is held in place by an o-ring seal and the control valve also has a bayonet lock feature for upper distributor baskets.

The AC adapter power pack comes with a 15 foot power cord and is designed for use with the control valve. The AC adapter power pack is for dry location use only. If the power goes out, only the time of day needs to be reset. All other values are permanently stored in the nonvolatile memory.