By Aqua Purification Systems, Inc.
International Wholesale Distributor
Digital Filter/Softener Valves

Valves Overview

Clack control valves are state of the art automatic valves that cover a broad range of global applications. They are designed for residential, commercial and industrial use with sizes up to 3" and flow rates up to 250 GPM (56.8 m3/hr).

As for backwash, the valves can service tanks up to 63" inch diameter. The cycles can be set for downflow or upflow regeneration, or simply service, backwash and rinse and are the easiet valves to service in the industry.

The valves come in different program versions and are controlled by solid state microprocessors with front panel settings and screen display. They are simple to configure for use in multiple tank systems.

The valves have a complete line of accessories including stainless steel flow meters, motorized alternating valves, no hard water bypass and system controllers.